matriarch in our community

All Abilities Work Experience


For young adults with a disability, we have a program for work experience within the salon environment, written specifically for Matriarch, by special needs mum Sarah, from Matriarch. "It's so important, not only for these young people, but it's vital for their families too" The entire salon community benefits from having these kids working at Matriarch. The skills and confidence that unfolds before our eyes, is incredible to watch. 

We support Paddy's PickUp


As a young man living with severe Autism and being non-verbal, Paddy is our laundry expert at Matriarch. With his support workers, he will be moving into a full time role within the salon, and strives for community inclusion and awareness, meaniful employment, and Ipad based language skills to interact with our team. His business is growing quickly, but you may be lucky enough to secure his services in the future. 



At Matriarch, we strive for sustainability every time you visit. We are ACTSmart Accredited Recyclers who are committed to nearly no waste to landfill. 

We are organic waste leaders with local worm farm Global Worming, for almost everything, INCLUDING your hair!

We recycle almost everything in the salon including colour tubes, foils, bottles, boxes, cartons etc etc.

We use only EcoHeads basin tap fittings which use 65% less water!